[Feedback] Grand Theft Auto Online: What Does it Need?

So, it’s been a little over a month, and Grand Theft Auto Online has been off to a rocky start. The launch was plagued with [expected] server problems, and there are quite a few glitches and exploits that are still around – even after 5 patches.

I’m not going to talk about the glitches though – like the Los Santos Customs repeat car selling glitch – there are enough whiny comments on Rockstar’s own Social Club website to fill a novel.

What this article is for – is to provide feedback to Rockstar, and list a few of the suggestions that I feel would make good additions to the game.

#1. Bad Sport Tweaks

I’ve never received Bad Sport. I’m a clean player, I don’t go around killing people for no reason in freemode, and I do my best not to destroy any personal vehicles. That being said, the system could do with some tuning.

I like the idea that people who disrupt other’s fun get punished for it. Just like being kicked out of a theater for being too loud – you get forced into a session with other players who are also labeled “Bad Sports”. However – it’s too sensitive.

It shouldn’t be that easy to get Bad Sport – after all, this is Grand Theft Auto. If someone is purposefully destroying other’s property – fine – but if I’m trying to defend myself from some douchebag who keeps trying to run me over, I shouldn’t be labeled as a Bad Sport for blowing up his car. The insurance payment is bad enough in that situation.

I also feel like there should be a way to determine whether someone is being kicked from a match because they were griefing other players [IE: In a race, if the player were driving the wrong way down the track, crashing into other racers.], or because the host just didn’t want them in there anymore. A person shouldn’t be labeled a Bad Sport if they were just randomly kicked from the game because the host wanted to play alone or something. That’s unfair.

Another tweak that I think could actually be kind of cool, since the online is set a few months before the actual events of GTAV, Dr. Friedlander should still be in town. Perhaps adding a feature where repeat offenders are required to attend therapy, for a fee – say $500, like the hospital bill.

“But what if they don’t make their mandatory appointments, or can’t pay for whatever reason?” I hear you asking.

It’s simple – we kill the Bat.

Wait…no…actually, that brings me to:

#2. Bolingbroke Penitentiary

There’s a huge prison in the map, and it’s not used except for a quick race, and some Deathmatches.

Send the Bad Sports here for their first offense. Go old school GTA on them, and take away their weapons. Have a gameplay element there, ala The Elder Scrolls – if they can make it out of the prison, they can obtain their stuff from an evidence room. Or, they can serve out their sentence and get it back when it’s over – minus their ammo, like in the main game [With a hit to their stats, perhaps].

To counter the stat hit, perhaps you could have menial tasks for them to do to try and stay in shape. Break rocks in the yard. Workout with weights, things like that. Maybe even allow for prison riots of some sort.

Once the player serves out his/her sentence – then they get put into the Bad Sport lobby if they continue to act that way.

#3. Cop/Wanted Level & AI Tweaks

I love the aggressive cops. I do, but they are a bit TOO aggressive. At a 2 star wanted level, I’d rather the cops try to shoot out my tires and still bust me instead of turning into the SWAT team, trying to take me out. It feels like I robbed a bank, killed hundreds of innocent civilians, and their cute little Shiba Inu puppies when I get a two star wanted level, just for taking a car that Simeon wanted.

That kind of aggression should be for 3 and higher stars.

I’ve also noticed that the traffic AI seems to spaz out in the presence of a lot of players. This is especially annoying in races, where the AI will randomly turn INTO the lane you’re in, and wreck you. It results in people just turning traffic off for races – which results in less of a chance of someone with a slower car to win.

Another issue I have, is how accurate every single enemy seems to be with their guns. I can understand police and military/mercenaries being highly accurate – but why does it seem like the Ballas, Vagos, Lost and Meth heads all received military training as well? They’re thugs and crank addicts – they shouldn’t be able to hit me from half a mile away with a pistol.

It’s bad enough that Armor is ripped to shreds in seconds, their accuracy just makes it even harder to deal. It’s unrealistic, and at times, rather unfun. You often barely have a chance to get to cover before you’re riddled with bullets.

#4. Gambling

There is a little bit of gambling in the game already, in the form of placing bets before Jobs and Activities like Arm Wrestling and Golf. There could be more, though.

The game could definitely use a casino. I notice there’s an “Opening Soon” banner on the casino – could this be a sign that it’s coming eventually?

It certainly looks that way.

It certainly looks that way.

Photo Credit: Chargement @ Rockstar Social Club

Hopefully this means added games to play – I’d love to see some Texas Hold ‘Em and Roulette. Maybe even some high stakes Baccarat for the High Rollers.

However – I’d also hope that the casino wasn’t just for play. I’d love to go all Ocean’s Eleven on it once Heists become available.

#5. Vehicle Customization

I’d also like to see some added customization options for vehicles. There are cars in the game that, at least in San Andreas, could have a plethora of mods installed on them – that now have barely anything. Cars like the Blista – which are based on cars that are often used for street racing [The Honda CIVIC], hardly have any actual options.

Also, what happened to liveries? Hydraulics? There are a few cars that could easily be classed as “low riders”, which would be awesome to have hydros on. Not to mention being able to have various vinyl schemes.

Also in regards to vehicles – I’d like to see car physics be the same throughout Freemode and Races. Give the cars their race stats in freemode – it causes confusion when a car that’s blazingly fast in free mode – is as slow as molasses in a race. It’s very disjointed feeling.

#6. More Game Types

Finally – we need a few more game types. Having to play the same kind of missions all the time gets kind of boring. One mode I think would be fun is a Cops & Robbers kind of thing in freemode. Since the main game doesn’t have Vigilante missions – perhaps we could have them online.

A player hops into a Police Cruiser that they’ve “acquired”, and they hear a call on the radio. Another player has just robbed a store, gone on a rampage or some other criminal activity.

The player in the Police Cruiser can then press Right on the d-pad to engage the Vigilante mission, and attempt to take down the other player(s) for cash and RP.

Closing Words

That’s all I’ve got for now. Well..all that I can remember that I wanted to see, anyway. If I think of anything else, I’ll amend this. Feel free to leave a comment with your own thoughts of what they could actually add to the game – but try to be realistic about it :P.

Fox out.

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