[Top 5] ReviewHaven 2015 Game(s) of the Year

#3 Resident Evil HD Remaster


Why Was It Chosen?

This was a bit of an odd choice. Can an HD Remaster really be a choice for a GOTY? Well, this one was one of mine.

I’m not the biggest Resident Evil fan. I’ve played most of the games, sure, other than 6 and a lot of the spinoff titles, but I’ve never been super hyped when a new one is announced. I enjoy the games well enough, but don’t go out of my way to really play them.

REmake was the same thing. When I heard the original game was being redone on the Gamecube, my initial thought was “Neat.”

Pretty Much.

Pretty Much.

Then I got to play it, and it was one of the best survival horror games I’d ever played. Most of them never really made me feel tense or scared – Silent Hill is the only survival horror series that ever did. Resident Evil in particular was never really scary. Maybe it was the laughably stilted dialogue. Maybe it was the corny opening FMV. I don’t really know, but the series never really scared me.

Not until REmake, that is.

Well, scared isn’t the right word. Tense. That’s the one. REmake was tense.

So, why is the HD Remaster on this list? 2 reasons. First, because they took the original game and just made it better. They created a new, optional control method that gives you full control of the character – it controls like a 3D game instead of tank controls. You can always just keep the default tank controls if you want, though. It has also been updated to widescreen, and the camera adjusted to accommodate the new widescreen format. You can also choose to play in 4:3 if you wish.

Second and finally, because this is without a doubt the best HD remaster Capcom has done – even better than Okami. It really feels like they put love and attention into this one. It’s more than just an upscaling – the models have been tweaked, textures updated, backgrounds somewhat redone & a new control scheme. It all combines to form a great, new edition of an already great game.

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