[Site Update] Poll for the December YouTube Playthrough

So, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get Darksiders III in time to keep the Darksiders playthroughs going. Requests fell through and I’m currently pretty broke. As such, I’m going to be playing something else for December – but I haven’t decided what. That’s where this poll comes in. I’ve had a few ideas rolling around in my head, but haven’t been able to nail down what I want to actually do yet.

Therefore, I’m going to have a small poll to help me decide.

[poll id=”4″]

Now, some details on some of these poll choices.

Batman: Arkham Asylum & City

This is a series I’ve wanted to do for a while – and even started to a while back, but messed up and continued playing the game on my own before finishing the playthrough on the channel. Wouldn’t mind doing a playthrough of the remasters on PS4 for the channel – however, I don’t own anything other than Asylum and City – so Origins & Knight wouldn’t be included here.

Restart Lightning Returns

This can be one of two things – either I delete the old Lightning Returns videos (Of which I was only 4 parts in, and I think they were stream footage) and just start from scratch, or continue on from where I left off before.

Bioshock Series

Another series I’ve wanted to do for a while, but never got around to. This would just be the base games for each as I do not own any of the DLC for them.

I’ve also been milling around the idea of doing a full Dragon Age playthrough – but I don’t currently own all of the DLC yet (Still missing the expansions for DAII currently), so it’s not listed – even though I do want to do it. Mass Effect is in its place since I have everything there.

The poll itself ends on the 30th, so let me know your thoughts. I’ll use the results to help me decide what comes next on the channel.

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