[Top 5] Most Anticipated Games of 2017

#4 // Mass Effect: Andromeda

Now, I’m not the biggest Mass Effect fan. I do enjoy the games – I’ve finished ME1 and 2 and am currently working my way through ME3 as I write this.

At least, I was – then Final Fantasy XV came out.

That said, I am a big Dragon Age fan, and Inquisition is by far my favorite in the series. So far – everything I’ve seen of Andromeda is looking like they’re taking what they learned from Dragon Age: Inquisition and applying it to Mass Effect, which is nice.

Looking forward to it!

On To Number 3!

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About James Headrick

James is an aspiring game reviewer that plays primarily on the Playstation 3 & 4. He also works freelance as a graphic designer, doing print and branding based design.
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