[Top 5] Most Anticipated Games of 2017

#3 // Resident Evil VII: biohazard

Much like Mass Effect, I’m not a massive Resident Evil fan. Again, I like the games and have played almost all of them, give or take a spin-off or two – but I don’t generally rush out to buy the latest entry.

Resident Evil VII is a bit of a different beast. This is the first time I’m actually, legitimately excited to play a new Resident Evil – I’ve actually done 2 playthroughs of the RE7 demo on PS4 ( You can watch them here: Resident Evil VII: biohazard Demo Gameplays )

I like that they are trying to take a new approach to the series, and try something different. The series has never really been about scaring you, barring the occasional jump scare here and there, like the infamous Cerberus window crash in RE1.

I’m interested in seeing if we get another Resident Evil remake moment – a pivotal shift in the entire RE series.

On To Number 2!

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