[Top 5] Most Anticipated Games of 2017

#1 // NieR: Automata

I don’t know much about the original NieR, or the Drakengard games that it is an offshoot from.

I do know that I love Platinumgames, Inc. and Square Enix.

I do know, that after playing through the NieR: Automata demo that I have some very, very high hopes for Automata. The game feels amazing to play.

I’ve always wanted to see what Platinum could do when they had a proper budget behind them, and didn’t have to focus on both gameplay and story creation – what if all they had to worry about was making the best playing game they could make while someone else handled the story entirely?

We came close with Metal Gear Rising ( Which was my favorite game of 2013, by the way! ) – but Platinum was still largely involved in that game’s story, and it wasn’t really the best it could be.

NieR: Automata has the potential to be something really, really special if the demo is anything to go by. The combat, the story, the music – all of these things were already amazing in the demo, and I eagerly look forward to what’s to come in March!

And Some Honorable Mentions!

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About James Headrick

James is an aspiring game reviewer that plays primarily on the Playstation 3 & 4. He also works freelance as a graphic designer, doing print and branding based design.
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