[Top 5] Favorite Video Game Songs

#5 “The Last of Us” – The Last of Us


The Last of Us “The Last of Us”

Why Was It Chosen?

It’s a beautiful, haunting song that manages to capture the feel of the entire game very well. Multiple variants are used at different points of the game to convey different moods [And they are all used at perfect times], but the base version here is by far my favorite to listen to.

Given the tone of the game, it could have been very easy for the composers to travel into the cliche, creepy atmosphere for the music – instead, they took a very folk-music like approach to the soundtrack. Akin to tracks used in The Walking Dead‘s television adaptation – like Jamie N. Commons’ “Lead Me Home“, or Ben Nichols’ “Last Pale Light in the West“.

It works perfectly. It manages to stand out among all the orchestral, blaring soundtracks that litter gaming’s musicscape.

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