[Top 5] Favorite Video Game Songs

#4 “9” – Armored Core


Armored Core “9”

Why Was It Chosen?

It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me that I absolutely adore the Armored Core series, and its soundtracks especially. The fusion of multiple genres across the entire series never ceases to amaze me. I have a ton of songs in the series that I love – but this one stands above the rest for one reason – Nineball is by far one of the hardest, most threatening bosses I have ever faced in my entire gaming career.

This song is the equivalent of “One Winged Angel” for Armored Core fans. While most gamers were quivering in fear over Sephiroth – I was hiding in my closet from Nineball.

No other song in a game conjures as much of a feeling of despair and dread as “9” does for me.

Nineball was a challenging boss to say the least – I still remember the hours spent trying to finally bring “him” down. This song made “him” even more intimidating.

Also, Sephiroth checks under his bed at night for Nineball.

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