[Top 5] Favorite Video Game Songs

#2 “Rules of Nature” – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance “Rules of Nature”

Why Was It Chosen?

I can honestly say, as a Metal Gear fan – I didn’t expect much out of Rising in the beginning. Taking a series that gave birth to an entire genre of games, and ditching that formula almost entirely was a risky move – but the wonderful team at Platinum Games managed to do it, and with flying colors.

I also didn’t expect to hear one of the most badass, hype inducing, speaker shattering soundtracks I’ve ever heard. This game’s soundtrack came out of nowhere and punched everyone who had the fortune of playing it directly in the earholes.

It was difficult choosing just one song out of the entire OST, but “Rules of Nature” is the song that stuck with me most of all.

Maybe it’s the way it sounds. The drums, the screeching guitar, the aggressive vocals. Or, possibly, it’s the way the song dynamically changed during the boss fight it’s a part of.

Hearing the vocals kick in and the beat amp up the moment you deflect RAY’s blade arm and then proceed to mash buttons in order to throw the entire mech sky high has a tendency to make me quite giddy.

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