[Top 5] Games That Deserve: HD Remasters or Sequels

#2 Omega Boost

Omega Boost One of the best looking PS1 titles ever created. A 3D, rail space shooter with mechs and giant bosses.

What is it in need of?

An HD remaster. A sequel. A PSN release. Overall more love.

Why does it deserve it?

This is one of those PSOne titles that just flew under the radar. Like Armored Core or Silent Bomber. they were well known among the core group of gamers that played them, but outside of that, it was like trying to explain Shakespeare to a rock. No one had ever heard of them.

Of these games, one managed to find a large enough audience to spawn sequels [Armored Core], but the others? They just fell by the wayside.

Why did I choose Omega Boost over Silent Bomber, though? I enjoyed it more.

That, and the developer of said game may come as a shock to most: Polyphony Digital.

Yes. The Gran Turismo people.

Their GT pedigree shows in full force here. They knew how to squeeze some amazing visuals out of that gray little rectangle. Omega Boost is by far one of the most visually stunning titles on the PSOne – to the point it nearly looks like a PS2 game.

Not only does it look great, it plays just as well. Controls are responsive, and the game runs at a rather smooth framerate – especially considering the hardware it’s on.

I know that GT became far, far more popular than anything PD has done, but this game really didn’t deserve to fade away. It’s not even available as a PSOne Classic on the PSN!

Polyphony, if you’re reading this, please – bring us Omega Boost 2! Or, at the very least, release the game on the Playstation Store so that more people can have a chance to play it. It doesn’t deserve to fall into obscurity.

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